Thursday 18 December 2014

Clothes Show Live 2014

 As I have just been doing a report on the loss of bio diversity (fun..) I actually feel in the mood to write so although me and Charlotte visited the clothes show last week or technically two I have finally got round to putting some photos together into a blog post which is not particularly time consuming or requiring much energy but I am just lazy. 

I had such a good day, I bought loads of stuff I did not need just because it was a good offer and we saw Jim Chapman but didn't go say hi just stared in shock and we saw stereo kicks who were really good live. 

ootd ft. annoying shadow
What, doesn't everyone one take selfies in claw games in service stations?

I had an orange hot chocolate because I have an unhealthy relationship with chocolate orange.

The fashion show was amazing the clothes were beautiful, and stereo kicks performed and they were really good.


Wednesday 5 November 2014

Why autumn is my favourite season

So, other than winter, Autumn is my favourite season. Many of you people out there who enjoy summer better...Here i will (hopefully) convert you to loving autumn just as much.

Here is my reasons why Autumn is my favourite season.

1. There is no reason why you can't just sit, indoors underneath a comfy blanket or with a big woolen jumper on by the fire and just chill or watch a film. Lazy days are sometimes the best days. 

2. Another thing leading to lazy days is that you can read. I probably read the most in autumn because what is there to do when you're stuck in doors all day when it's raining other than watching films? And just in case you're wondering, I don't usually read fairy tales but I was at my dads and I couldn't find any books...And this looks really old and vintage.

3. The next best thing about autumn is that it's fairly acceptable to wear onesies all day... I mean, I do anyway... Especially if the feet have penguins on them.

4. I can't live without my hot chocolates any way but in Autumn you can have loads and loads.

5. Autumn is just so beautiful, might just be me but I love to go on Autumn walks through the fields and just take in the beauty...

Charley <3

Wednesday 29 October 2014


I love autumn when the weather gets a bit colder, and big woolly jumpers are worn. Hot chocolates by the fire and watching the leaves turn golden on the trees. Here are a few things I love about autumn beginning with each letter that makes up the word.

A- Ankle boots

One of the best things about autumn is that all the new autumn clothes come out, I especially love all the new shoes and boots. For me ankle boots are an autumn essential, I think that they go with any outfit and look great when it starts getting cold. 

Boots - River Island

U- Undead

I struggled to find words beginning with U linked to autumn, but I decided to use undead as an opportunity to show you my hHalloweencostume. As Charlotte's birthday is the day after Halloween she is having a party the day before. I wasn't originally going to dress up at all but I came across these on the internet and thought it would look cute but still quite casual. I love Halloween and all the decorations and diy's so look forward to some posts this week. 

Jumper - Ebay
Tights - ASOS

T- Tartan

I love tartan at this time of year, I think it adds something to the outfit and is very on trend.
I love tartan scarfs especially, as the look great but are also very warm and practical. I think tartan is a great way of adding a bit of colour or pattern into your outfit in the colder months.

Scarf - Matalan

U- Unusual colours

So now we are back to another U, I struggled to think of something else for you but I decided to write about the unusual colours of fall. One of the reasons I love autumns so much is because of all the beautiful colours that are unique to this time of year. The golden leaves on the trees and the brown leaves that crunch when they are stepped on. The dusky blue sky and the pink sunsets.

Left photo taken by Charlotte.

M - Mustard

By mustard I do not mean the food, I mean the colour. I love to wear the colour mustard in the autumn I think it looks great on anyone and looks amazing at this time of year. 

Tights - h&m

N - Nail colours

So this is a bit of a random one, but at the moment I am obsessed with fall nail colours. I think that the dark shades are a great way of adding a little bit of autumn into an outfit. The shades out at the moment are stunning and I really want to get my hands on the new barry m gelly shades especially. 


Tuesday 16 September 2014

Drugstore Favourites

Hey x

So I know I said that we were going to try and post more regularly but I guess I forgot how bust school is and how much homework we get! But anyway here I am, I'm thinking I am going to try and post once a week, Tuesdays I guess?

Today I decided that I would show you some of my favourite make up bits and bobs that are very affordable, okay so maybe I didn't decide today... I've been planning to do this blogpost for ageess so I took the photos a while ago and I have been too lazy to actually write it. So I actually do have a few more new make up items that I have fallen in love with but I'll show you them in a later blogpost. okay enough rambling..

First I am going to start with foundation- Rimmel Match perfection is quite a recent addition to my collection but I fell in love with it straight away. It is really long lasting especially If you wear a powder over the top and I love the natural velvety dewy kind of finish it gives as I am not a huge fan of matte foundations. It is incredibly affordable even for the drugstore so If you are looking for a new foundation you have no reason not to give this one a go!

Next up is a powder- Rimmel stay matte.. I am not going to go on about this because I know loads of people use it but I find it really keeps my foundation in place and looks natural as long as you don't apply too much. I think that you can't really go wrong with a powder that is like £4?

Next I am going to bang on about this bourjois blush, its in the shade rose gold I think. It is an absolutely beautiful colour that makes you look really glowy and amazing! The packaging is a adorable and it is really easy to apply even if you don't have the greatest brush and erghh its perfect.. It is about £8 which is a bit more pricy than some other blushes in the drugstore but I think it is worth the money.

Now onto mascara, even if I don't have time to put any make up on I will always apply a coat of mascara, I think it is essential and really opens your eyes up. I am quite fussy with mascara and I often find that highstreet mascaras make my lashes clumpy. However the volume million lashes mascara - so couture, really separates my lashes and adds volume AND length! the wand is tapered so you can reach into your inner lashes and you can create a really full lash look. Highly recommend!


Almost finished don't worry, I am now going to talk about brows. I think brows are really important to help frame your face, and I like them looking natural but still quite defined. My current favourite highstreet brow product is soap and glory's archery in the shade brownie points. It has a pen end and a pencil end, I use the pen side only because I prefer how it looks and the colour it gives. However I would say that it can kind of fade in the day and look kind of reddy so it may need re applying occasionally.

My last favourite is the Maybelline colour tattoos, my favourite is the shade on and on bronze. I think these look really pretty on their own or as a base for other eye shadows.  I think it is really easy to apply just all over your eyelids with your finder then blending out the edges, they are really long lasting although I haven't ever had to wear them for 24 hours so idk if they would last that long. they are around £5 so I would recommend them a lot.

Thank you for reading my blog post for this week, I hope I gave you some ideas of what to pick up next time your in superdrug or boots.

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Lucy x

Saturday 30 August 2014

Revision, Homework and Organisation tips

So, as school is about to start very soon if it hasn't already, I thought it would be a good and helpful to do a blog post on school essentials and a few tips on homework or revising.
So, First some tips on revision. This is a thing  I definitely do and it may sound stupid but it actually works. My french teacher taught it and it's really good.
This tip is to stick post-it notes around the house of things you need to revise, such as words in french or math sums. Try and  post them in places you would regularly go such as the bathroom, windows, mirrors and your bedroom, these are just some examples.

My second tip is for homework. This it to set a timer of how long you're going to do your homework every night. This will make you have more time and less panicking if you do it in a set time. If you haven't finished all of your homework in the set time then you could have a small break to let your brain have a rest and then put a smaller timer on for later on in the day/evening.

These  last tips are for organisation.
 the first tip is to carry around a diary. Diary's or Notebooks are very helpful for keeping important dates in, homework, your timetable and lots more. At the school Lucy and I go to they give out House Diary's which have all these things in for you but if  your school doesn't a diary is a must need.

The last tip is to keep binders and wallets for loose pages and sheets you need to keep for revising/ homework. Binders are very useful but if they're to big you could use a plastic wallet (I've used a binder though as I don't have any wallets)  (and it's spotty....which is a bonus.)

I hope you find some of these things useful and good luck to everyone starting school and  leaving school and everyone else just going into another year:) x x x
Charlotte xx

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Menorca Holiday Haul

Hey, sorry there hasn't been any posts in agees, I have been on holiday and I had no wifi and I was really busy but there will be more regular posts on here and our instagram from now.

I purchased a few things on my holiday and as I got back yesterday I decided to write a really quick post showing you all the things I bought...

First of all my brother dragged us all into a sports shop which I wasn't expecting to buy anything from but I found a pair of shoes that I really liked! I have waay to many pairs of trainers but I got them anyway, I can't remember how much they cost I think they were 28 euros or something..

They are really basic black trainers but I like that they had a thick sole and would go well with everything.

The next thing I got were sunglasses as I may have forgotten to bring a pair with me but I saw some I really liked, I've been wanting some round sunglasses for a while and I finally got some, they were about 10 euros. I also put my company magazing in this picture which I got in the airport on the way so I could read it on the flight.

On our last full day we visited a market where I found some really nice things, firstly I bought some white lace shorts, I have been wanting some like these so I am very happy I have finally got some.

The next thing I got because I had an idea to collect a magnet from everywhere I go on holiday and have a big collection on the magnetic section of my desk, so I found this magnet which is a miniature version of the traditional shoes.

I also decided to get some postcards which I never intended to send I just like post cards kay..

Lastly, I wasn't sure whether to include this but I thought I would show you anyway because its cool, I got a henna tattoo of a sun earlier in the holiday (which is now gone) that looked really good..

Thanks for reading, I will try and post more frequently from now I have a few blog post ideas, make sure to comment below and follow our instagram @vintxge_clouds

Lucy x

Saturday 9 August 2014

My Hot Holiday Essentials - Fashion

I wasn't sure what to do for my blog post today, but In the end I decided to take inspiration from Charlotte's last post and do my fashion essentials. I am going on holiday to Menorca on Monday but as I am staying over night in London tomorrow I have to pack today (I'm not very organised at all), so it was the perfect opportunity to write my blog post.
So here is some of my favourite summer clothes, and items you mustn't forget when going on a summer holiday!

1. First of all, you obviously you will need to take a few pairs of shorts. These a quite a new purchase from Topshop, I got them for £30 which I didn't think was that bad for Topshop. These are high waisted which I love and I also love that they are the mom style so they aren't too short. I have worn them so much recently, they go with everything and are extremely comfortable.

Excuse how creased they look, oops.

2. Another absolute essential is crop tops, these are my favourite things to wear when it is hot and I have quite a lot. The ones shown below are from Topshop and H&M, I think the Topshop one was only about £10 and the H&M one was an absolute bargain at £4 ish. Most crop tops are really affordable and look nice on most people.

3. Colourful, bright dresses are a must on holiday, they are super easy to throw over a bikini or wear with some heeled sandals for a summery evening outfit. This dress was from new look, I can't remember the price but I like the daisies and the bright red compliments my skin tone.

4. If you need something to throw on in the evening if it gets a bit chilly, or to just wear down the the beach I would wear a kimono. My kimono was £15 from boohoo, I chose to get a really neutral colour so it would go with everything and look nice with whatever I am wearing. This is a really recent purchase and I love it so much!

5.  Of course you will need to pack a bikini or two, to wear while sunbathing or in the pool. Along with the kimono I also bought two new bikinis from boohoo, They were £18 each, as you can see below I have only taken a picture of my blue one but I also got it in purple.

6. Another thing that is absolutely essential is some sunglasses, protect your eyes! My sunglasses have gone missing but I have a picture of my sisters below, I have no clue  what they cost or where they're from but you get the idea..

7. Lastly, is shoes! Three main shoes essentials I think are flip flops so you can slip them on and off really easily if you are going swimming etc.., casual sandals/ jelly shoes; I think jelly shoes are great to wear to the beach because they are waterproof and won't get ruined and finally formal/heeled sandals to wear if you are going out somewhere nice. The flip flops below are from superdry obviously and the sandals are both from new look.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post for some summer fashion inspiration, and make sure you check out the blog next week as me and Charlotte are both on out holidays so there will be some interesting blogs!

Thanks for reading make sure you comment below and follow if you enjoyed it,
Written by Lucy x